[dsc] Collector Customizations

AJ McKee aj.mckee at druid-dns.com
Tue Aug 18 07:27:03 UTC 2009

Hi Duane,

Yes that works fine. As for the presenter, well I am taking the output and
passing it through an XML transform for processing by another app (this is
not to say the presenter is not great, it is, we have a slightly different
use case happening here) .

This works quite well. However I'd like to extend it further so its more
multidimensional (clientip, qtype, qname, rcode etc) as otherwise my
transform is too flaky as its trying to guess too much at times. I
understand DSC logs in 2 dimensions so maybe I will have a look at this
aspect and see it I can do anything.

For the moment however I have enough to go on anyhow.

Many thanks

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