[dnscap-users] DNSCAP release 1.1.0

Jerry Lundström jerry at dns-oarc.net
Tue Oct 11 11:07:08 UTC 2016

Greetings all,

The ownership of DNSCAP was transferred from ISC to DNS-OARC in the
summer of 2016 and this is the first release since that.


For Debian and Ubuntu packages please visit:


This project now uses Semantic Versioning and these are the changes
since the `dnscap-20160205` release (which can also be found using the
tag `v0.0.0-20160205`).

- Restructure repository and use autotools
- Compiled and tested on Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD and OpenBSD
using Jenkins and Travis-CI
- Source code static analysis using Coverity Scan
- Compatibility fixes for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and OS X
- ABI change to `output()`, previous `isfrag` is now a `flags` that
represents what the packet is through a bitmask
- Use helper library `pcap-thread` when capturing to solve missing
packets during very low traffic

New command line options:
- `-V`: Prints version and then exits
- `-M`: Enable monitor mode on interfaces
- `-D`: Enable immediate mode on interfaces
- `-W`: Allow to specify a suffix for the pcap dump file
- `-C`: Limit/rotate capture after a certain amount of bytes

Special thanks to:
- Duane Wessels
- Paul Vixie
- Klaus Darilion


bc7eb22 Update license after ownership transfer from ISC to DNS-OARC,
        update contributors, add build badges and removed SuperFastHash
        since apparently it was not used.
778e457 Add `-V` for displaying version and the exiting
71c2d79 Fix #12: Sync man-page and help text
33576ef Swap option C and D, C for this makes more sense. Also ensure
        that `capturedbytes` is zero on start.
0077aff Correct dump trace with new `flags`
f9cbba0 Do not use dump suffix unless it set
4dd81d6 Update the man page
7435c49 Change new option C to D because C was already taken
813dddb Fix -B and -E, these options are supported only once
76f19d1 fix usage of -W
519b64f Add -Y option to short usage instructions
348c738 Fix -C feature: capturedbytes was not increased
3db6f94 Improve logging
b567bef New option -C: limit/rotate capture after a certain amount
        of bytes
341abdf Add -W feature: allow to specify a suffix for the pcap dump
        file, e. g.: '.pcap'
097a3b4 Count every packet which is sent to output(), not only
        the normal ones.
75e5968 Close PCAPs after dumper_close() to have statistics still
        available during dumper_close(). Otherwise we get a segfault
        on shutdown.
c09d61a Add debian/ubuntu package files.
020f2aa Forgot about the compiler warnings and fix the last
        Coverity Scan issue
00c834d More Coverity Scan fixes
ad2f230 Fix various Coverity Scan issues
606f0cd Update pcap thread to version 1.1.1
f065cd7 Fix #14: Add options `-M` and `-C` for monitor and
        immediate mode, update help and man-page.
b872035 Update to pcap-thread version 1.1.0
1f30637 Update pcap_thread to v1.0.1, add travis check that dnscap
        can run
b19efaa Building from Git repository instructions
b5460df Use `calloc()` instead of `malloc()` to be sure the memory
        is zeroed
ae6a04d Use pcap_thread v1.0.0
9426a2d Update pcap_thread and add pcap stats
820b2f2 Update pcap_thread and support offline pcaps
a47dd67 Update pcap_thread
237a7a7 CentOS autoreconf complained
7b5568c Use pcap_thread
11d0388 Revert the changes on all lines that had NULL, 0 before.
7d6a7e4 Passing IPv6 fragment payloads may not currently be safe.
        Needs more work. For now pass pkt=NULL to be safe for plugins.
ea8f9a4 Make the family of output() functions future proof with a flags
        bitmask. Rather than separate 'isfrag' and 'isdns' flags,
        they are now set as bitmasks in a single 'flags' value passed
        to output() f
472a172 A change to the interface of the family of output() functions.
95a6e62 timeval.* are not unsigned
d3f32de Fix #1: Use NS_*SZ
e555871 Fix compiler warnings
3ed8f29 Fix #1
864cbd7 Can you change #ifdef __APPLE__ to check for the
        arpa/nameser_compat.h header and include it if it exists?
796e8ea plugin/rssm needs to include arpa/nameser_compat.h for OS X
        so that the HEADER struct is declared.
daf4bd3 In plugin/txtout silence compiler warnings about int vs short
e5bc24b plugin/pcapdump needs to include arpa/nameser_compat.h for OS X
        so that the HEADER struct is declared.
0061b57 Work around configure problem detecting libresolv on Mac OS X
        Without some #include files, the configure test won't find
        the symbol res_mkquery() in libresolv on OS X.  It is called
5309655 Mac OS X doesn't have setresuid() and setresgid().
        This patch adds configure checks for setreuid() and setregid()
        and will use those instead if the other versions are
        not available.
d257a1c Fix compilation on FreeBSD and OpenBSD
07b2a75 Restructure repository and move to Automake.


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