[dns-operations] Vodafone AS25135 sending 3k req/s to AS112

Keith Mitchell keith at uknof.org.uk
Thu Jul 14 13:25:58 UTC 2022

On 7/13/22 13:36, Alarig Le Lay wrote:

> Vodafone is sending 3k req/s (~10Mbps) of DNS garbage to my AS112 node
> from
> If someone knows somebody there, could you please tell them to fix their
> resolvers?

Noting this prefix is AS5378 Vodafone UK, UKNOF has a mailman list and a 
mattermost chat server. I don't know any Voda UK contacts, but you might 
have some luck asking in UKNOF fora. There are certainly AS112 servers 
at the main UK IXPs they should be preferring at the least.


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