[dns-operations] What is the reason of J-Root doesn't serve the arpa zone?

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sat Dec 4 03:35:44 UTC 2021

It appears that Paul Vixie via dns-operations <paul at redbarn.org> said:
>Wessels, Duane via dns-operations wrote on 2021-12-03 15:39:
>> In November 2002 K, L, and M were added to the NS list for arpa,
>> but J was not.  We can't speak to decisions made by the other
>> operators, but Verisign chose not to put j.root-servers.net in the
>> NS set based on the language of RFC 2870.
>2870 was wrong in this respect, and should be revised to allow ARPA.

Now that RFC 9120 is moving .arpa to a.ns.arpa. and so forth, it seems
kind of late to do so.


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