[Ext] [dns-operations] What is the reason of J-Root doesn't serve the arpa zone?

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Sat Dec 4 03:36:20 UTC 2021

Paul Hoffman wrote on 2021-12-03 19:28:
> On Dec 3, 2021, at 7:05 PM, Paul Vixie via dns-operations <dns-operations at dns-oarc.net> wrote:
>> 2870 was wrong in this respect, and should be revised to allow ARPA.
> Why that, instead of the direction taken by RFC 9120? RFC 9120 was sponsored by the IAB, and the draft that led to it (draft-iab-arpa-authoritative-servers) was discussed in DNSOP earlier this year.

the IAB has been pretty much hit or miss on DNS topics. depends on who 
they are and who they listen to. merit isn't predicted either way.

internet work won't commence without being able to get a delegation from 
either the root or ARPA servers. the only reason they are separate zones 
is so they can be administered separately. they don't and we can't 
benefit from disparate reachability. so any moving parts is too many.


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