[dns-operations] Questions about my domain's DNS

Wesley Peng postmaster at wsly.de
Tue Nov 26 00:53:12 UTC 2019

Thank you for instant support Peter. I love DENIC.

on 2019/11/25 22:38, Peter Koch wrote:
> without knowing details about the registrar/reseller chain that you might be
> using, informing the registrar of such a change is a prerequisite for the
> delegation to change at the TLD level.  That means, the registrar will
> change the respective entries in the TLD registry.  In the case of DE,
> the current (sic!) cadence of zone publication is once per hour, which makes you
> incur a delay of up to two ours in the worst case.  Meanwhile, your changes
> have made it into the DE zone (as published trough the DE TLD nameservers).


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