[dns-operations] GMX tld question

Wesley Peng wesley at myrambler.ru
Wed Nov 13 06:25:53 UTC 2019


Is .gmx tld run by United Internet?
We have communication issue to their DNS servers.

gmx.                    21542   IN      NS      anycast10.irondns.net.
gmx.                    21542   IN      NS      anycast23.irondns.net.
gmx.                    21542   IN      NS      anycast9.irondns.net.
gmx.                    21542   IN      NS      anycast24.irondns.net.

But the communication to gmx.net NS servers gets no problem.

gmx.net.                11009   IN      NS      ns-gmx.ui-dns.com.
gmx.net.                11009   IN      NS      ns-gmx.ui-dns.biz.
gmx.net.                11009   IN      NS      ns-gmx.ui-dns.org.
gmx.net.                11009   IN      NS      ns-gmx.ui-dns.de.

If anyone know the undercase operators, please let me know.

Thank you.

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