[dns-operations] [EXT] Monitoring DNS BIND with SNMP ?

Nicholas Chappell nick at intronic.org
Tue Nov 12 18:43:41 UTC 2019

I'll second the recommendation for the stats channel/port, but will also suggest a few other tools that can help with the query rate issue.

This little project can parse the XML output from the stats channel and make it available on an HTTP endpoint in Prometheus format:


>From there, you can point Prometheus at it to get the data and chart/query/alert on it: https://prometheus.io/

Prometheus has a built-in grapher, but it's really basic. Grafana can chart data from a Prometheus server and is much more full-featured: https://grafana.com/

> On Nov 12, 2019, at 10:27 AM, Tony Finch <dot at dotat.at> wrote:
> Jake Zack <jake.zack at cira.ca> wrote:
>> 1)      Perl script runs…
>> a.       Reads in last intervals query number total
>> b.       Runs ‘rndc stats’
>> c.       Reads in this intervals query number total
>> d.  Subtracts one from the other (you need to handle BIND restarts,
>> though.  If $current < $last then disregard…otherwise it makes graphs
>> useless due to insane values)
>> e.       Saves this intervals delta to a file
> I use the statistics server for this: it is less janky than reading the
> statistics file and can be fetched remotely. The output from
> http://server:8053/json/v1/server is about 10KB and usually has the info I
> need, e.g. opcodes.QUERY, nsstats.QryTCP, nsstats.QryUDP, boot-time (for
> detecting restarts).
> Tony.
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