[dns-operations] [Ext] TLD issues, 4 new, one longstanding...

Francisco Arias francisco.arias at icann.org
Fri Nov 3 08:34:58 UTC 2017

Hi Viktor,

The gTLDs have requirements in their contracts in this regard. We are reaching out to the registry for the two gTLDs below. For the three ccTLDs, perhaps contacting the TLD contacts in IANA would be the best way to go. I'm also going to forward your report to other colleagues in ICANN that may be other ways to contact the ccTLDs below.


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On 11/3/17, 5:43 AM, "dns-operations on behalf of Viktor Dukhovni" <dns-operations-bounces at dns-oarc.net on behalf of ietf-dane at dukhovni.org> wrote:

    1. .su SOA signature is more than 1 hour in the future,
       breaking denial of existence:
    2. .рф SOA signature is more than 1 hour in the future:
    3. .дети SOA signature is more than 1 hour in the future:
    4. .tatar SOA signature is more than 1 hour in the future:
    Separately, for over half a year now:
    5. .مليسيا has had expired signatures:
    Is there some sort of ICANN policy applicable to TLDs with multi-month
    DNS downtime?
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