[dns-operations] Cleaning up glue with dynamic DNS updates

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Sun Mar 19 16:02:17 UTC 2017

On 19/03/2017 14:30, Niall O'Reilly wrote:

Hi Niall,

>   Would it meet your need to proceed as follows?
>   Retrieve and hold the NS RRset of interest.
>   Copy the RDATA from each NS RR, excluding any out-of-bailiwick references,
>   to construct a list of glue names.
>   Delete the held NS RRs and the A, AAAA records for the constructed list
>   of glue names.
>   If the absence of a delend causes an error condition,
>   ignore the error and continue.

Thank you for this suggestion. It is a reasonable algorithm, but it does
require a lookup of existing NS records first, to determine if there's
any in-bailiwick glue.

So far, none of the responses have indicated that there might a simple
operation to unconditionally delete all in-bailiwick glue under a given
name. So I guess I will combine your idea and other ideas, and see if I
can come up with a reasonable solution.


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