[dns-operations] TLDs allowing zone transfers

Patrik Wallstrom pawal at blipp.com
Sun Sep 25 18:41:58 UTC 2016

Thanks for the list Stephane. The .se zone is also freely available
since May at https://zonedata.iis.se/

I also regularly monitor the TLD space with Zonemaster, which can give
us a fresh list of TLDs with open AXFR:

Also keep in mind that most of the newgTLDs are available through the
CZDS ICANN service: https://czds.icann.org/

On Sun, 25 Sep 2016, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>Following the buzz about the TLD .kp, which allowed zone transfer,
>then closed it, here is the current list of TLD where at least one
>name server allows zone transfers. Three things to keep in mind:
>1) In some cases, the TLD registers most domains at the third level,
>so downloading the TLD yieds little information.
>2) I don't express any opinion regarding this configuration. Allowing
>zone transfers or not is a local policy decision.
>3) Some TLD (like .fr, see <http://opendata.nic.fr/>) allows to
>retrieve the entire list of domains, just not through AXFR.
>AO (Angola)
>BB (Barbados)
>BD (Bangladesh)
>BF (Burkina-Faso)
>BI (Burundi)
>BN (Brunei)
>BV (Bouvet, somewhere in cold seas)
>CW (Curacao)
>CY (Cyprus)
>ER (Erythrea)
>GM (Gambia)
>GY (Guayana)
>KW (Koweit)
>MC (Monaco)
>MR (Mauritania)
>MV (Maldives, warms seas, this time)
>MW (Malawi)
>NP (Nepal)
>PG (Papouasia)
>SJ (Svalbard, see Bouvet)
>SL (Sierra Leone)
>SV (Salvador)
>SY (Syria)
>TJ (Tadjikistan)
>TO (Tonga)
>XN--FZC2C9E2C (ලංකා, Sri Lanka)
>XN--J1AMH (укр, Ukraine)
>XN--OGBPF8FL (سورية, Syria, again)
>XN--XKC2AL3HYE2A (இலங்கை, , Sri Lanka, also, probably one TLD in tamil
>   and one in cinghalese)
>XN--YGBI2AMMX ( فلسطين , Palestine, while .PS is closed)
>YE (Yemen)
>ZW (Zimbabwe)
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