[dns-operations] TLDs allowing zone transfers

Marjorie marjorie at id3.net
Sun Sep 25 18:20:00 UTC 2016

I have myself noticed that the list of TLDs allowing AXFR changes over time.
But when a new country shows up in that list it usually doesn't last
long. It looks more like a technical oversight than a deliberate decision.

For example .MV is quite recent.

Frequently, only one or a few of the authoritative name server allow AXFR.

I have also noticed that some TLDs that used to allow AXFR, closed the
loophole at some point to reallow it later.

Which sounds like technical mistakes or plain indifference.

On 09/25/2016 12:56 PM, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> Following the buzz about the TLD .kp, which allowed zone transfer,
> then closed it, here is the current list of TLD where at least one
> name server allows zone transfers. Three things to keep in mind:
> 1) In some cases, the TLD registers most domains at the third level,
> so downloading the TLD yieds little information.
> 2) I don't express any opinion regarding this configuration. Allowing
> zone transfers or not is a local policy decision.
> 3) Some TLD (like .fr, see <http://opendata.nic.fr/>) allows to
> retrieve the entire list of domains, just not through AXFR.
> AO (Angola)
> BB (Barbados)
> BD (Bangladesh)
> BF (Burkina-Faso)
> BI (Burundi)
> BN (Brunei)
> BV (Bouvet, somewhere in cold seas)
> CW (Curacao)
> CY (Cyprus)
> ER (Erythrea)
> GM (Gambia)
> GY (Guayana)
> KW (Koweit)
> MC (Monaco)
> MR (Mauritania)
> MV (Maldives, warms seas, this time)
> MW (Malawi)
> NP (Nepal)
> PG (Papouasia)
> SJ (Svalbard, see Bouvet)
> SL (Sierra Leone)
> SV (Salvador)
> SY (Syria)
> TJ (Tadjikistan)
> TO (Tonga)
> XN--FZC2C9E2C (ලංකා, Sri Lanka)
> XN--J1AMH (укр, Ukraine)
> XN--OGBPF8FL (سورية, Syria, again)
> XN--XKC2AL3HYE2A (இலங்கை, , Sri Lanka, also, probably one TLD in tamil
>    and one in cinghalese)
> XN--YGBI2AMMX ( فلسطين , Palestine, while .PS is closed)
> YE (Yemen)
> ZW (Zimbabwe)
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