[dns-operations] dsc and alternatives

John Kristoff jtk at depaul.edu
Fri Sep 16 23:13:41 UTC 2016


I'm looking at implementing some new DNS statistics collection and
public display of data.  DNS data will come from a couple of remote
servers where I can process/pcap the data and do some local processing,
but ultimately I'll want to and aggregate the data from a collector,
which can then push and publish some graphs and stats.

qps rates are relatively modest compared to the world's busiest servers
and I have decent enough hardware that I'm not too worried about
performance.  I'm not very interested presenters that require require
java, javascript, flash or those sorts of thing.  Simple graphs and
stats are all I want.  Free / open source is required.

I've used it a little before, but it looks like the dsc package, with
it's own presenter is still an ideal fit for me.  However I thought I'd
check in here and see if I'm missing something else I should consider.

I'm also aware of and am probably not going to use these:

  * DNSng http://www.dscng.cz/
  * RaTA DNS
  * dns-stats hedgehog

Thanks for any other suggestions.


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