[dns-operations] Big Data is out, podcast drama about stealing the root keys

David C Lawrence tale at akamai.com
Thu Sep 15 18:20:23 UTC 2016

This Kickstarter is complete:


It's a nine episode audio drama about stealing the DNS root keys,
guest starring Felicia Day and Paul F. Tompkins.

Episodes are typically around 45 minutes and being released one week
at a time to non-backers.  Total run time is 8 hours (thanks to a
couple of somewhat longer episodes).  The release site is:


As a backer I have five "whole-shebang" shares of the link that grants
access, on an honor-system* basis, to all of the episodes right now.
Let me know if you want one to binge-listen.

* Technically the link is security-by-obscurity and there are no
  technical limitations on its sharing, so the five share limit is
  just by the request of the producer.

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