[dns-operations] NeoDNS : A new DNS like the one we know

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Mon Aug 29 18:08:58 UTC 2016

On August 28, 2016 at 7:25:08 PM, Shane Kerr (shane=40time-travellers.org=
(mailto:shane=40time-travellers.org)) wrote:
> Basically I think that if we had block-chains 20 years ago we wouldn't =
> have needed ICANN. (It's an open question whether still we need ICANN =20
> now that we do have block-chains...) ;) =20

This suggests a fundamental and surprising misunderstanding of what ICANN=
 is and what it does.

I agree with Andrew that

> > Like every other single-purpose replacement of the DNS that's been =20
> > cropping up, this scratches one itch without even thinking about all =
> > the other itchy parts of the DNS.=C2=A0

In particular, the =22blockchain=22 magic wand seems to be trotted out qu=
ite frequently to scratch a perceived itch. But honestly, these aren' the=
 droids you're looking for.

> In the case of the root, I do see a big benefit, if you consider=C2=A0
> getting rid of ICANN's role in maintaining the root zone a benefit.=C2=A0=

I'm curious: how does waving the magic =22blockchain=22 wand around addre=
ss two non-cooperating entities wanting the same name in a =22fair=22 man=


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