[dns-operations] gtld-servers.net Enabling the IPv6-only Internet: the Final TLDs

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Sun Sep 6 00:08:46 UTC 2015

	While taking a look at some popular names with
dig -6 +trace qname i'm seeing that most of the GTLD-servers.net don't
have AAAA records.  Perhaps this is by design, but also perhaps
an oversight.

	I know many of the outstanding top sites are enabling ipv6
so perhaps now is the time to finish the process?

couldn't get address for 'c.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'd.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'e.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'f.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'g.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'h.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'i.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'j.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'k.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'l.gtld-servers.net': not found
couldn't get address for 'm.gtld-servers.net': not found

	- jared

On Sat, Sep 05, 2015 at 04:38:54AM +0000, Shane Kerr wrote:
> All,
> tl;dr IPv6 for TLD - help!!!
> I'd like all TLD to have IPv6 name servers, so that the entire Internet
> is potentially reachable via IPv6. I'd like some advice or help in
> getting the last few TLD sorted out.
> It's not necessary for all TLD to allow AAAA records as glue for
> delegations in their domain, since someone under such a TLD can add an
> out-of-bailiwick name server and their zone can be reachable under
> IPv6. But if the TLD has no IPv6 name servers itself, then IPv6-only
> resolution cannot work.
> Of the 1055 TLD in the root zone today, 1022 have at least one name
> server with IPv6 glue in the root zone. That's almost 97%... not too
> shabby! :) (Although 33 of them only have a single IPv6 name server, so
> don't have any redundancy. One step at a time...)
> All of the remaining non-IPv6 TLD are ccTLD. Except for .MIL, of course.
> ($600 billion in the 2015 US military budget and we can't sort out a
> freaking IPv6 address.)
> A few years ago when I was still at ISC, I tried to contact all of the
> registries and see what I could do to help. One of the many public
> benefit things that ISC does is to secondary TLD who need this kind of
> service, which would give IPv6 to those TLD. There were a couple of
> special cases that were problematic, like North Korea or the
> Persian-language version of Iran, which US law forbids ISC from helping
> (probably). But I figured I could send those to some other friendly
> secondary provider.
> I only got a couple of responses. It was pretty grim. (I never got to
> the point of calling or using physical letters before I left ISC.) A
> couple of these are especially frustrating because it is the same
> organization that has some other domains that *do* support IPv6 (like
> Mongolia or Palestine).
> Anyway, I am hoping for ideas on how to solve this. There are plenty of
> great people who will give IPv6 secondary support for free to help
> out. There are also people who would be more than happy to figure out
> how to get other IPv6 solutions in place. My own feeling is that it can
> really be a simple as a few hours of time from someone at the registry
> plus a few hours from an IPv6 secondary... if only I can figure out who
> to ask!
> I kind of think this is something that ICANN *could* help with,
> although it is not clear at all to me that this is something that ICANN
> is *allowed* to help with.
> Anyway, if you know someone involved with any non-IPv6 TLD, please let
> me know and/or explain the wonders of IPv6 to them. Thanks!
> The list:
> ai			# Anguilla
> ax			# Åland Islands
> bb			# Barbados
> bd			# Bangladesh
> bf			# Burkina Faso
> bh			# Bahrain
> ck			# Cook Islands
> dj			# Djibouti
> fk			# Falkland Islands
> gf			# French Guiana
> hm			# Heard Island and McDonald Islands
> kp			# North Korea
> mh			# Marshall Islands
> mil			# MIL gTLD
> mp			# Northern Mariana Islands
> mq			# Martinique
> mv			# Maldives
> ni			# Nicaragua
> pf			# French Polynesia
> pk			# Pakistan
> sl			# Sierra Leone
> sr			# Suriname
> st			# São Tomé and Príncipe
> uz			# Uzbekistan
> vu			# Vanuatu
> ws			# Samoa
> xn--l1acc		# Mongolia IDN
> xn--lgbbat1ad8j		# Algeria IDN
> xn--mgba3a4f16a		# Iran IDN
> xn--wgbh1c		# Egypt IDN
> xn--ygbi2ammx		# Palestine IDN
> ye			# Yemen
> zw			# Zimbabwe
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