[dns-operations] CPE router/gateway DNS behavior

Paul Hoffman phoffman at proper.com
Tue Dec 15 17:24:28 UTC 2015

On 15 Dec 2015, at 8:09, Roosenraad, Chris wrote:

> All,
> Before I start in, and possibly re-invent the wheel, I’m curious if 
> anyone has ever done any analysis of how major brand home routers 
> (i.e. CPEs) behave with regards to the DNS servers their given via 
> DHCP.  Specifically, I’m curious how they choose between the various 
> DNS servers they’re supplied…do they stick with one, do they round 
> robin, is it random, etc.
> So if anyone has done such research, I’d love to know about it.  If 
> not, and anyone wants to help me do such so that we can share it out 
> here, please let me know.

Greetings. Wearing my ICANN hat, I am about* to start a long-term 
research project on how CPE and other middleboxes deal with the DNS in 
many different ways. I had not thought of looking at how they deal with 
multiple DNS names in coming from DHCP, but it would be easy for me to 
do so, and thus will.

I'm hoping to have at least a smattering of early results for the next 
OARC meeting, but intend to keep doing more tests with more and more 
systems over time.

--Paul Hoffman

* As in, literally tomorrow

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