[dns-operations] Live-streaming the Root Zone Key-Signing Key Ceremony 22

S Moonesamy sm+icann at elandsys.com
Wed Aug 19 00:19:15 UTC 2015

Hi Phil, Warren,
At 05:36 PM 8/12/2015, Phil Pennock wrote:
>I'm on that list; the last pre-announcement was for KSK Ceremony 19,
>last November, with 8 days notice.  There's no notice for Ceremony 20,
>just an after-the-fact mail of the materials.  For 21, there was two
>months notice.  For 22, one day's notice.
>I've just checked the mailman list archives, in case messages went
>astray.  Nope, I have them all.

I could not find any announcement for Ceremony 20.  There was only 
one day's notice for Ceremony 22.

>So while the intent seems good, Warren and Matthew's points remain valid
>as there was no advance notice this time and the behaviour is wildly

The date for Ceremony 22 was known two months before.

At 08:15 AM 8/13/2015, Warren Kumari wrote:
>Ah. Well, there we go then... this seems to be *exactly* what I was
>looking for -- seeing as there were a number of folk also kvetching
>about the lack of announcements, I'm guessing other folk also didn't
>know about this list...

That mailing list is used for coordination.  There are also 
announcements which are sent to it.

S. Moonesamy  

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