[dns-operations] Live-streaming the Root Zone Key-Signing Key Ceremony 22

Kim Davies kim.davies at icann.org
Thu Aug 13 03:23:10 UTC 2015


>>> The approach we took back during the DURZ era was to send progress updates 
>>> regularly (to tens of thousands of list subscribers) for reasons of operational 
>>> relevance, but then to invite people to join a specific announcement list for 
>>> future, more routine ceremonies.
> I'm on that list; the last pre-announcement was for KSK Ceremony 19,
> last November, with 8 days notice.  There's no notice for Ceremony 20,
> just an after-the-fact mail of the materials.  For 21, there was two
> months notice.  For 22, one day's notice.
> I've just checked the mailman list archives, in case messages went
> astray.  Nope, I have them all.
> So while the intent seems good, Warren and Matthew's points remain valid
> as there was no advance notice this time and the behaviour is wildly
> inconsistent.

We are probably suffering a little bit from having too many lists. We maintain a different list, root-ksk-ceremony, and we sent 3-, 2- and 1-month notices for this coming ceremony there on May 13th, June 15th, and July 17th respectively. For future ceremonies we will make a point to send these to root-dnssec-announce also, and if the members here want them sent to this list too as well we can do that also. I don’t want to flood operational or announcement lists with too many notifications, particularly for routine events like these, given there is probably a lot of overlap of membership and interest in it is likely fairly limited.


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