[dns-operations] Hello from the dns.watch project!

Ken Peng ops at dnsbed.com
Mon Aug 18 04:48:04 UTC 2014

Do you know what're the special skills for running an open resolver 
server? If running it with BIND, just change the "recursion" option to 
"yes" and it will resolve all the clients' domain request.

So besides  the two items below:
#1, setup anycast networks
#2, build anti-ddos system

what're the left stuff? sorry I have some experience on running auth-dns 
servers, but have no experience for open-dns cache.


> what exactly do you mean if the .watch tld is owned by our company?
> .watch tld is provided by Donuts (http://www.donuts.co/). dns.watch is
> the domain name we rent, that is correct. Owning a top-level-domain
> would be way too expensive for a small Bavarian company ;)
> We do not provide any "security filters". We want to offer resolvers
> where we do not alter any part of the records. Some people requested
> this, but right now we do not feel comfortable with it.
> Hope I could answer your questions. Let me know if you have more.

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