[dns-operations] Microsoft

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Sun Sep 29 22:06:13 UTC 2013

On Sun, 2013-09-29 at 03:53 -0400, Jim Popovitch wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 3:43 AM, Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:
> > Please fix your DNS servers, I removed a _dmarc entry 6 days ago, its 24hr
> > TTL expired, yes, 5 days ago, so why the hell do you still  have this record
> > cached and using it.
> Ha!  I removed one ~6 months ago.... and since then I've been 550
> rejecting the reports... yet they still come in.
> -Jim P.

Really?  (I saw your update)  9 freakin months?

Well, I give them 3 days, then I redirect all their messages (was a
dmarc specific address) to an internal microsoft address, maybe then
they'll fix it.

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