[dns-operations] What do you call them?

Jothan Frakes jothan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 21:10:40 UTC 2013

When Kim mentioned we put together an "ask" of ianacann root updates, if we
("the community") were to request a root zone list be started for
announcing... one opportunity we have would be to ask for fields from what
the applicant furnished from the applicant guidebook in question 14, which
would contain the language and English meaning.

This would result in what you are describing.

This additional information is present in the new idn gtlds but
the idn cctlds follow a different process.

On Thursday, October 24, 2013, Edward Lewis wrote:

> Throwing this out on the table for discussion...
> In the sense we (the dns operations industry/community) see ".com" and can
> say that out loud today (whether it's native tongue to you or not).  Ane
> when we see "xn--fiqs8s" we can call that the "IDN for China (simplified)"
>  But what will we call "xn--unup4y."?
> That's "you1xi4" in pinyin (I'll omit the characters as they might not
> render in all email readers) which translates into English as "game" (as in
> to "play a game").  The TLD visual is rendered in simplified Chinese script
> (I hope my terminology is clean).
> I'm picking the example that I have a shot at parsing, I can't deal at all
> with Cyrillic or (I believe) Arabic.  I doubt there are any or many people
> on this list that are multilingual *enough" to deal with all of the scripts
> we will see.
> So - what will the dns operations community use to name these TLDs when
> there are issues with the new gTLDs that are in the xn-- "category" ?
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