[dns-operations] What do you call them?

David C Lawrence tale at akamai.com
Thu Oct 24 14:53:44 UTC 2013

Edward Lewis writes:
> So - what will the dns operations community use to name these TLDs when
> there are issues with the new gTLDs that are in the xn-- "category" ?

I confess I'm confused by the question.  In email I expect writing
between people who are not conversant in the language in question to
use punycode, and people who conversant to go ahead and use the native
script.  At bar BoFs and the like among non-speakers there will be
likely some ad hoc shorthand description amongst the participants that
makes it clear which domain they're talking about.

Are you just wondering what sort of resonance to give the punycode in
your own mental pronunciation?  Like wishing that your own internal
voice would read "Today a problem with the xn--unup4y domain..." as
"Today a problem with the Chinese game domain..."?

Good luck with that.  Me, I'll probably still lazily just have my
mind's ear hear "Today a problem with the /you nuppy/ domain ..." in
much the same way that it makes up half-arsed pronunciations for all
sorts of unfamiliar strings.

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