[dns-operations] What do you call them?

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Thu Oct 24 14:21:39 UTC 2013

Edward Lewis (ed.lewis) writes:
> That's "you1xi4" in pinyin (I'll omit the characters as they might not render in all email readers)


> So - what will the dns operations community use to name these TLDs when there are issues with the new gTLDs that are in the xn-- "category" ?

	Part of the question is answered by your first remark. If some mail readers
	(and other applications!) can't render/show "游戏", then we're back at
	using the ASCII and therefore the ACE name when discussing technical issues
	/ inquiries.

	This may seem western-centric, but I doubt that Arabic readers (or others
	not using roman character sets) are in a better position to discuss issues
	around "游戏", for instance.

	I may suggest using both the ACE + the "real" representation. Shouldn't be
	necessary in 2013, but...

	".xn--unup4y/.游戏 validates, while .xn--80aswg/.сайт doesn't"


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