[dns-operations] DNS Performance Test Over TCP

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Wed May 22 14:16:37 UTC 2013

Hi Kareem,

On 2013-05-22, at 10:06, Kareem Ali <kareem.ali at centralnic.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to run a DNS TCP performance test to a DNS server in a
> lab environment. I'm doing the test from another server connected
> directly with a 1 Gb link. Both servers are running CentOS 6.4. I use
> dnsperf to run my DNS performance test on UDP, and it's giving me what I
> want on both IPv4 and IPv6, but I can't find a proper tool to do it with
> TCP.

Francis Dupont gave a presentation at the DNS-OARC spring workshop about exactly this. The motivation for developing the tool he described was that he couldn't find a sensible TCP performance tool, so much like your experience.



I don't get the impression that the tool is released yet, but no doubt Francis/ISC would be happy to give you an early snapshot.


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