[dns-operations] Capturing Traffic

Daniel Kalchev daniel at digsys.bg
Tue Feb 26 09:33:57 UTC 2013

On 26.02.13 04:14, Warren Kumari wrote:
> Now I realize that lots of folk would prefer to believe that there is 
> something more nefarious happening (and there is nothing really that I 
> can say to change that) but I figured I should at least try explain 
> why Google provides this...

It is of course your choice to believe why Google are doing it. It 
"helps" them not publish this explanation, but rather distribute it as 
word of mouth as "insider knowledge". An legend building technique old 
as the world.

There is nothing nefarious happening with any of the Google activities.  
They openly admit that they are in fact processing your query data, who 
asks for what etc. That's not much different from analyzing your search 
terms. For Google this is business as usual. So yes, in this sense, 
nothing unusual or more worrying.

All we care about in cases like this, is that their victims, err.. 
patients, get proper name resolution. It's their choice to submit to 
Google anyway.


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