[dns-operations] RRL specified in a stable place?

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Feb 4 22:50:07 UTC 2013

Edward Lewis wrote:
> Why an /IETF/ document?  In what way does Response Rate Limiting
> impact interoperability of implementations?
> If this is not an independent submission, how does it fit into a
> working group?  The implementations are pretty much out there, what's
> to work on?
> I understand that would be useful is a reference-able document
> describing the RRL.  That is, something stable and reviewed - and that
> could be an RFC.   But an RFC does not have to come through the IETF.

gentlemen, this is gangster on gangster violence. please figure out
which i to dot and which t to cross, and let me know. i promise on my
honour to do my best to appease the internet standards gods in their
current invocation.

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