[dns-operations] A lot of CNAME queries for domain ?

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Thu Jul 5 16:35:58 UTC 2012

Hi Mohamed,
We have found that quite a few web site templating systems have
example.com/org/net in the default configuration and admins fail to change
this to whatever their own domain name is when they set the web site up.
That is one source of example.com queries, I am sure there are others, too.
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Hello all,
If this is not an appropriate question for the list, please accept my
apologies and please suggest a better one. 
I just started administering DNS for my organisation and I notice in the
query logs a lot of queries of type CNAME for our domain, say, example.com
We do not have such a record and so these queries get an empty answer.
I am just curious what applications out there would be generating such
queries... Please note that we do have an MX record for the domain and also
an A record.
Thanks a lot,
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