[dns-operations] BIND 9.7 was Re: what nameserver software have you been using?

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Sun Dec 23 21:28:37 UTC 2012

* Feng He:

> 于 2012-12-17 23:37, Sebastian Wiesinger 写道:
>> The think is, new BIND versions on Debian are rare, and you're
>> shipping/building a lot of libs and tools with many dependencies so
>> building own packages is complicated.
>> The next(!) stable version of Debian (wheezy) will have bind 9.8(!).
> How to make debian 6 to apt-get install BIND 9.8? Thanks.

Find a critical security bug whose fix cannot be backported to BIND
9.7.  Then we'll probably upgrade Debian 6 to BIND 9.8 (assuming that
it's fixed there).  This is what happened in DSA-2054 (for lenny).

Right now, staying with 9.7 has the advantage that we do not have to
issue security updates for broken features in 9.8 and later.  Even if
the bugs in the new code don't affect most users because these
features have to be enabled explicitly, they still have to be fixed at
the distribution level.

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