[dns-operations] Missing .us and GTLD records??

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Wed May 19 19:57:01 UTC 2010

At 14:52 -0400 5/19/10, Luis Uribarri wrote:

Speaking as the operator of dotUS...

>Personally, I think that DNS "Authoritative Servers" should be the last
>things that go IPv6 only, specifically becasue of the transport issues,
>but I guess the TLD operators sees it differently.

The choice we had for "J" was to give it an IPv6 address or none at 
all.  It was simply an opportunity to add one more machine that could 
answer on the IPv6 network (or to that fragment that could reach it). 
For those that care, the host assigned the "J" AAAA record was also a 
member of an IPv4 anycast cloud and just happened to have native IPv6 
transit available.

We are not taking a position on IPv4 vs. IPv6.  We want to offer 
services on both transports.  We are not in the business of promoting 
one or the other.  OTOH, it happens that our IPv6-only server has 
raised awareness of some to update their tools.  That is a nice side 
effect, but hardly our intention.

Edward Lewis
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