[dns-operations] contacting the root ops

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Wed Mar 17 21:29:08 UTC 2010

> Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:27:58 -0400
> From: Edward Lewis <Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz>
> For all the transparency we talk about (being fuzzy on "we"), it would seem
> that there'd be an obvious way to contact root operators. Then again, if
> there's a problem with the root, maybe email won't flow. ;)

www.root-servers.org has a link to m.root-servers.org which has links to
wide and jprs which have contact information.  very few of us will put our
24x7 NOC phone number on our web pages.  though "whois" was
also contentful just now.  i think this "transparency level" is just fine.

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