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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Wed Mar 17 23:43:13 UTC 2010

At 17:02 -0400 3/17/10, Joe Abley wrote:

>Where would be a more appropriate place to publish contact information
>for individual root server operators, or for the root server system as a

That's a good question.

If the problem were with BIZ servers, the contact would be the 
registry.  For the root servers through I understand there is an 
arms-length independence, which is why I wouldn't have reported 
anything to IANA.  (I did look at the IANA pages for a list of 
contacts, but then remembered that the root operators aren't that 
close to IANA.)

At one time one operator pointed to root-servers.org as a page of 
information (when the question of the day was about anycast) but 
another operator said it wasn't "official".  When the latter was 
asked for an anuthoritative page, nothing was mentioned.  Eventually 
I was told that there was a URL to a page inside the ICANN web site.

I'm not saying that to point fingers, but to say, I really don't know.

If I needed to know in a pinch, I'd first look at the IANA web site, 
as it is the root registry.  Whether or not politically acceptable, 
that would be the place I'd go as an operator.  So - that's my 
answer, www.iana.org/"root operations"

>There's an RSSAC meeting this coming Sunday. If there are ideas on how to
>make this better, that would be a good place to talk about them.

My impression is that the meeting is invitation only.  Seriously, I 
don't know if I would attend, but I never give it a thought because 
when I was once an attendee, I was told I was invited as a 
representative of an RIR.  (Is the location on an agenda page?)

As in, here's the IETF agenda for Sunday:
SUNDAY, March 21, 2010
1200-1900  IETF Registration - 2nd Floor Foyer
1000-1200  IEPG Meeting - Palos Verdes
1300-1450  Newcomer's Training - Palos Verdes
1300-1450  Security Tutorial - Huntington
1500-1650  Document Lifecycle - Huntington
1500-1650  NAT and NAT Traversal Tutorial - Palos Verdes
1700-1900  Welcome Reception - Pacific C

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