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Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Mar 11 02:24:31 UTC 2010

In message <m28w9z1uf2.wl%randy at psg.com>, Randy Bush writes:
> we are running a measurement experiment which involves a port tap on a
> fiber to one of our routers.  on that tap, we are seeing what we believe
> to be unusual behavior from some packet sources (see below).  what we
> think we are seeing are a significant number of duplicates of the tuple
> (source ip, ip id).  

And if you throw in the destination ip do you still have lots of duplicates?

<source ip + destination id + ip id> are required for reassembly.

> we think that this would be due to high retransmits, extremely poor ip
> id randomization, a massive number of packets so that ids are recycled,
> an anycast artifact, or cosmic rays.  i note that these are mostly name
> servers.  so i gotta wonder if there is some commonly used software with
> its own stack or something similar.
> any clues appreciated.
> randy
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