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On 29 Dec 2010, at 04:55, Brielle Bruns <bruns at 2mbit.com> wrote:
> There are a few gotchas that can happen with self compiled source or customized packages on a system that uses a package manager...
> Dependencies can be upset if you use a self compiled library over a packaged library - ie: if you have openssh, which depends on openssl, and you want to hand compile openssl, you will either need to create a dummy openssl package to 'provide' these dependencies, or force install of the openssh package which may cause problems later on during upgrades.

There is basic rule of thumb that you should follow if you are compiling software yourself and not integrating it with the OS packaging system: keep well out of the way of the system packages!

For your example, install OpenSSL in a directory tree that does not belong to the OS, e.g. /usr/local, and compile your critical services to use your local build. Non-critical stuff can continue to use the version managed by the OS.

> You can usually 'override' the system libs and bins by making sure /usr/local/{bin,lib} is in the path and linker before / and /usr...  But thats a good way to run into unexpected behavior at times.

Sadly it is often difficult to persuade build systems to use libraries installed in a non-standard place.

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