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Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Wed Dec 29 05:58:58 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-12-28 at 21:55 -0700, Brielle Bruns wrote:

> On 12/28/10 8:53 PM, Noel Butler wrote:
> > That's a rarity, most people are too scared to use anything other than
> > their distros released packages, perhaps its laziness, perhaps
> > they don't know any better, or perhaps they are just plain ignorant, I
> > think it sadly says a lot bout the calibre of many system admins these days.
> >
> There are a few gotchas that can happen with self compiled source or 
> customized packages on a system that uses a package manager...
> Dependencies can be upset if you use a self compiled library over a 
> packaged library - ie: if you have openssh, which depends on openssl, 
> and you want to hand compile openssl, you will either need to create a 
> dummy openssl package to 'provide' these dependencies, or force install 
> of the openssh package which may cause problems later on during upgrades.

Yes I agree to point, some package managers are intelligent enough to
know about no-deps, and it means that, last time I checked apt has no
clue about it, I recall the fun I had removing the deb postfix, easy on
RHEL though, but even simpler with Slackware (given its not installed

> Package managers like aptitude will attempt to 'fix' these breaks, or 
> upgrade the package (unless you pin the dummy).  Its a losing battle 
> sometimes unless you are going for an end user application rather then a 
> library.

Sometimes their attempts are not good enough, I use ubuntu  LTS for the
LTS purpose, else I'd go back to RH for it, and apt is a PITA, it almost
wants to insist on being the be all and end all, ala MS *sigh* but to
elaborate puts us further off topic here....
But back on topic, last LTS version of ubuntu didnt understand RR SPF,
it was a  nightmare removing the old version to install source, it
wanted to remove half the blasted system, so I gave up and just
installed  source version over top of the installed binaries, when I dud
LTS upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04, it had no problem updating, but I didnt
like the old version still in use so once again installed source over
top :)

> You can usually 'override' the system libs and bins by making sure 
> /usr/local/{bin,lib} is in the path and linker before / and /usr...  But 
> thats a good way to run into unexpected behavior at times.

Heh its nice to see 5.5 of MySQL no longer requires
adding /usr/local/lib/mysql to ld.so.conf, it puts it in the right lib
dir with identical config (well converted to CMake anyway, and don't get
me started on that).
Oh MySQL, thats another thing that's way out of date on some of these so
called "modern" distros.

> There's always tradeoffs when you use a certain type of setup...  Quick 

Yep, its why on servers I use Slackware, I used to be a real RH fan, but
as you pointed out, too many "gotchyas" when needing modern packages.
Slackware makes it simple, never had a server upgrade fail through
dependency hell :)

> fast setup with package managers (debian, fedora, etc) but lacking 
> optimization and compiling customization...  Or agonizing 12+ hour whole 
> system build/upgrade times but the system is highly optimized to your 
> specific build (if you've ever had to build qt/kde/gtk/etc from scratch 
> every time a new build comes out, you know what I mean).

I used to build gnome, now _that's_ pain for you :D  Just dont have the
time, nor patience for that these days (sign of old age I guess)..  So I
let desktop distros do it for me hehe.

and I think we've taken this so far off topic now, my apologies to the
list mums/dads

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