[dns-operations] J.GTLD.BIZ ?

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Mar 6 18:44:26 UTC 2009

At 11:51 -0600 3/6/09, Ken A wrote:

>The script ran wednesday morning (3/4/09) and returned an ipv6 only root NS
>for .biz (J.GTLD.BIZ). We have no ipv6 connectivity.
>Was this just a burp in .biz, or should I be specifically asking for 
>ipv4 only results when running "dig +trace pacific.biz" ?

"j.gtld.biz." has only an IPv6 address record.  The domain does not 
have, and never has had, IPv4 address record.  We are not considering 
adding an IPv4 address for that domain.

"j.gtld.biz" is authoritative for "us.", it is not authoritative for 
"biz."  If you do "dig +trace www.pacific.us. A" you will see 
"j.gtld.biz" listed, but not if the trace is for a subdomain of "biz."

For "us." there are 5 distinct (some anycasted) IPv4 addresses and 3 
distinct IPv6 addresses.  If you do not have IPv6 addresses, nor a 
transit path all the way to the address in use by j.gtld.biz. you 
cannot reach it via IPv6.  This may not even be a problem caused by 
your ISP, it could be an upstream provider's problem.
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