[dns-operations] J.GTLD.BIZ ?

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Fri Mar 6 19:02:49 UTC 2009

Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 11:51 -0600 3/6/09, Ken A wrote:
>> The script ran wednesday morning (3/4/09) and returned an ipv6 only 
>> root NS
>> for .biz (J.GTLD.BIZ). We have no ipv6 connectivity.
>> Was this just a burp in .biz, or should I be specifically asking for 
>> ipv4 only results when running "dig +trace pacific.biz" ?
> "j.gtld.biz." has only an IPv6 address record.  The domain does not 
> have, and never has had, IPv4 address record.  We are not considering 
> adding an IPv4 address for that domain.
> "j.gtld.biz" is authoritative for "us.", it is not authoritative for 
> "biz."  If you do "dig +trace www.pacific.us. A" you will see 
> "j.gtld.biz" listed, but not if the trace is for a subdomain of "biz."
> For "us." there are 5 distinct (some anycasted) IPv4 addresses and 3 
> distinct IPv6 addresses.  If you do not have IPv6 addresses, nor a 
> transit path all the way to the address in use by j.gtld.biz. you cannot 
> reach it via IPv6.  This may not even be a problem caused by your ISP, 
> it could be an upstream provider's problem.

Ah, so my script was looking for a root server for .us when it found 
J.GTLD.BIZ. And asking J.GTLD.BIZ using ipv4 is never going to work.
I'm just not used to the behavior, but I get it now. :-)


Ken Anderson
Pacific Internet - http://www.pacific.net

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