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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Wed Apr 8 20:14:21 UTC 2009

At 14:33 -0500 4/8/09, Michael Graff wrote:

>I am very embarrassed about the DLV issues we've had.  Two in as many
>months.  I don't see it as once a week, but if that's really the case
>than we do indeed have a serious problem.  I'm speaking for DLV here,

When I said once a week, I didn't mean just DLV. ;)  And I'm sure in 
May there'll be no breakage.  Although bad things "happen in threes."

>Remember that the DLV system has been around for many a year.  In the
>last few months we've gone from a nearly fully manual system toward a
>nearly fully automated one.  ISC is very sorry for the signing error,
>and for the bugs we had in BIND.  We're constantly adding more checks
>and procedural review to ensure we don't have cause to be embarrassed
>in the future.

Everyone feels embarrassed if they care about the service and mishaps 
happen.  The concern I have isn't the dedication, etc., but these 
point to the general immaturity of the deployment.  Yeah, DNSSEC 
since 199x, but the pressure to go forward is rising and that is 
what's causing the bruising.

This is all new, TARs are another "degree of freedom."  That's why 
I'm asking for someway for a SEP producer to have a say in where the 
DNSSEC material gets put and re-transmitted.

>And no, I did not plan these words so all eight lines above were
>perfectly aligned on both margins.

I figured your next post would be in haiku.
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