[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

Matthew Pounsett matt.pounsett at cira.ca
Tue May 27 12:39:17 UTC 2008

On 26-May-2008, at 22:04 , John Palmer (NANOG Acct) wrote:

> So, what is the consensus: A short notice each month with a link to  
> the
> change
> log?  I get the impression that folks don't like the long version.

As Kim noted, there's a perfectly reasonable mechanism for providing  
change notices built into the protocol itself. Anyone looking for  
information not available there will come to you to get that  
information by either asking directly, or joining your list.

I don't see any problem with the participation of alternate root  
operators on this list -- the organization is about DNS operations,  
not ICANN accredited DNS operations -- but you should recognize that  
since nobody on this list appears to use your root, or the tree under  
it, you're likely to have a smaller set of subjects which you can  
usefully discuss here than most other people will.  On all lists,  
ontopicness is partly made up of relevance to the other list members.

In any case, I'd be similarly annoyed if ICANN started posting notices  
of change of their root to this list.. just as I'd expect people to be  
annoyed if I started posting notices about my zone here.  Please don't  
do that at all.

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