[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

Robert Martin-Legene rlegene at gmail.com
Tue May 27 06:29:48 UTC 2008

On 27/05/2008, John Palmer (NANOG Acct) <nanog2 at adns.net> wrote:
> I can see people getting upset about notices that can get wordy, especially
> with the amount of junk mail out there today and I'm certainly willing to
> stop the verbose notices.
> So, what is the consensus: A short notice each month with a link to the
> change
> log?  I get the impression that folks don't like the long version.

Given what has already taken place in this thread, I think we can all
live with one (1) mail from you to this list about the existence of
your own list, and that you send notices to your own list and that
people should subscribe to your list to get information about your
private root zone updates.

As that information has already been conveyed, maybe you could just
stop becoming a bigger PITA. Most of us are clearly not your intended
audience, and I fail to see how you think you are making your cause
better by keep going on. Those who are your audience on this list
(anyone at all?) must have signed up on your list within the last day.

I suggest you go and study your own list's subscription log and swoon
in the popularity of your private zone.

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