[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

Otmar Lendl ol at bofh.priv.at
Tue May 27 07:11:30 UTC 2008


On 2008/05/27 03:05, "John Palmer (NANOG Acct)" <nanog2 at adns.net> wrote:
> And you all please note that there are rules and restrictions on all
> federal and state grants including the requirement that free speech
> be respected as well as a myriad of other rights that you have to
> respect. Please forgive me if I take some time to comb through your
> current and past grant applications and make sure you are in full
> compliance with the terms and conditions.
> Please be aware that lying on federal grant applications is a crime.
> Hope there aren't any skeletons in OARC's closet. Lets have a look,
> shall we..... I may not like him, but I have to admit that Joe
> Baptista has some cute tricks up his sleeves.


This is worthy of a class 2 Usenet Kook. 

As my mail-client can't do a fully featured *plonk*, I second the
proposed cleanup action.

> You may be able to censor people on your lists, but you can't keep
> me from publishing what I want on my lists.

Please do so. 

And please eat your own dog-food: Use a domain in a non-standard TLD
for your own email and your mailing-list.

/ol (who won't start to announce all changes to the .at TLD zonefile here)
-=-  Otmar Lendl  --  ol at bofh.priv.at  -=-

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