[dns-operations] UPDATED ROOT ZONE FILE: 2008-05-26-01

Keith Mitchell keith_mitchell at isc.org
Tue May 27 01:57:18 UTC 2008

> Lets see what they say.

That's why we're not taking any action until tomorrow.

> Oh, I find it amusing that you call 4 people "a significant number of
>  users".

There have been further complaints off-list, and none in support of your
position to date.

> you deny that there are thousands of TLDs out there and by your 
> organization's close-mindedness, you are shutting out big pieces of 
> the internet and therefore have nothing to offer us.

We're not denying anything, just listening to our stakeholders. Show us
the data and then everyone can make their own judgment about relevance.

>> I'd encourage you to gather and publish equivalent data which will 
>> help everyone gain a better understanding of the uptake of the 
>> various root systems.
> Not that we want to, looks like its neccessary.

Gathering, analyzing and publishing data on live Internet traffic is an
activity which is in everyone's interest and to be welcomed, please do.

> And you all please note that there are rules and restrictions on all 
> federal and state grants including the requirement that free speech 
> be respected as well as a myriad of other rights that you have to 
> respect.

OARC does not at this point in time receive any federal funding.
We are funded by and accountable to our (international) member base who
elect our Policy Council, which has the ultimate say over the use of our


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