[dns-operations] Delegation checking (was: Re: Some DNSSEC trivia)

Andrew Sullivan andrew at ca.afilias.info
Wed Jan 9 15:37:21 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 07:15:46PM +1100, Mark Andrews wrote:

> 	I'd say that you give them a grace period to correct the
> 	faults then withdraw the delegation if the faults are not
> 	fixed.  If you want to be in the DNS then you need to supply
> 	correctly configured, rfc compliant nameservers.

As I said when we discussed this topic at the Chicago OARC meeting, if
you want that to happen, you will have to get consensus in ICANN that
this is in fact a requirement, and that it should be enforced.  You'll
have to get the registration agreements changed.  And then you'll have
to set up a fund that pays for the legal costs that result when
registries attempt to enforce this rule without the ability to notify
registrants that their names are going dark.

I encourage you to take this discussion to the GNSO.  For
ICANN-delegated registrations, that is the only group that actually
has the ability to get this change through.


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