[dns-operations] conspiracy theories?

T.Suzuki tss at reflection.co.jp
Tue Apr 22 00:39:39 UTC 2008

For example, AC,IO,SH,TM were in dangerous state for several years.

% dnsq ns ac a.root-servers.net
2 ac:
288 bytes, 1+7+0+7 records, response, noerror
query: 2 ac
answer: ac 172800 NS ns3.icb.co.uk
answer: ac 172800 NS ns2.jp.io
answer: ac 172800 NS b.nic.sh
answer: ac 172800 NS b.nic.ac
answer: ac 172800 NS b.nic.io
answer: ac 172800 NS a.nic.ac
answer: ac 172800 NS ns2.uucp.ne.jp
additional: ns3.icb.co.uk 172800 A
additional: ns2.jp.io 172800 A
additional: b.nic.sh 172800 A
additional: b.nic.ac 172800 A
additional: b.nic.io 172800 A
additional: a.nic.ac 172800 A
additional: ns2.uucp.ne.jp 172800 A ***.***.**.***

This answer was gotten on Tue Feb 21 17:21:49 2006.
In this answer, Additional A of ns2.uucp.ne.jp was wrong IP address.
The IP address was not of ns2.uucp.ne.jp. 
It was the IP address of the irrelevant organization.
In some years, AC and IANA did not know this problem.
Then, IANA should have known it in Aug 2005.
Finally, the mistake was corrected in May 2007.

Is this a conspiracy ? 


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