[dns-operations] conspiracy theories? was Re: D9.INFO....

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Mon Apr 21 18:35:42 UTC 2008

At 22:03 +0900 4/19/08, T.Suzuki wrote:

>We should not believe the management of TLDs and root.

At 10:23 +0900 4/20/08, Randy Bush wrote:

>               ^ and the united states government approves the change,

Outside of suspicions that someone somewhere might be doing something 
bad, what's the problem?

My personal observation of "dealings with IANA" is that they are 
straight forward.  Never gotten push back on any change.  The 
glitches run into (and this covers more than one employer) related to 
getting authorization parameters right and once a dependency that was 

Coming from a pragmatic angle, something that's working need not be 
fixed.  I think that the IANA handling of TLD delegations works.  Is 
there any reason to believe that it isn't?

I'm not saying that the US gov't should have it's hands involved in 
the approval.  But their hands are in it now.  Unless there is an 
overt problem (or covert too - if you watched too many X-Files 
episodes) why stop the check?  Is it worth fighting (status quo)?
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