[dns-operations] There's obviously no "rule" against this...

Ken A ka at pacific.net
Mon Nov 26 19:48:01 UTC 2007

paul at vix.com wrote:
>> but I am seeing more and more of it from hosts that tickle my network.
> domain name pointer by1sch4030215.phx.gbl.
> seems like if gethostbyname(gethostbyaddr(getpeername(socket))) does not
> resolve, then we've got no reason to accept the connection.  is there an
> apache setting that would cause this?  widespread use of same would make
> a de facto "rule" that crawlers would pretty much have to follow.

No apache setting, But so many dsl and cable providers don't do proper 
dns that you'd be blocking legitimate traffic and not just microsoft's 

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Ken Anderson

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