[dns-operations] friday version of dnscap

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Mon May 7 22:45:00 UTC 2007

Paul Vixie wrote:
>>> what's your advice, then?  if i remove the "-g" feature and recode ns_put32
>>> to be a macro call, then the libbind dependency will go away.  or, i could
>>> put a copy of libbind into the dnscap tarball.
>> Where does dig get its output routines from?  It doesn't appear to
>> link against libbind.  Has it got its own copy?
> dig in bind9 has its own.  dig in bind8 uses libbind's fp_nquery().
>> From a distribution maintainer's point of view, duplicating the code
>> is a bad idea, especially since it's exposed to network traffic.  If a
>> problem comes up, we want to issue a single update (well, for each
>> supported branch).  Hunting down all copies of zlib was quite painful.
> so, i think the reason i didn't notice that libbind is hard to get from
> /usr/ports is that i don't use /usr/ports for bind9, i do the old dance:
> 	   (untar or cvs update)
> 	   ./configure ... --enable-libbind
> 	   make
> 	   make install
> 	   make clean
> i think that if /usr/ports' version of bind9 does not build with
> --enable-libbind then it should be revised, and when dnscat goes into
> /usr/ports, the port for dnscap should depend on the revised bind9 port.

For a variety of hysterical raisins, it would actually be easier for 
me to create a libbind port. It's also probably worth

I'll be happy to port dnscap if you need a volunteer. However, the 
FreeBSD ports tree is frozen for the next couple weeks while we deal 
with the xorg 7.2 changes, so we have time to sort out the best way to 
handle it.


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