[dns-operations] friday version of dnscap

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon May 7 23:03:49 UTC 2007

> For a variety of hysterical raisins, it would actually be easier for me to
> create a libbind port. It's also probably worth

gonna be tough, though, to get a copy of libbind in either bind8 or bind9
that's willing to be built apart from its tools and utilities.  isc should
really release libbind separate from bind8 and bind9 to make this kind of
thing easier.  lots o' luck until then.  better in my view to change the
bind9 port to add --enable-libbind, rev the port-revision, and make dnscap
depend on the new port-revision of bind9.  for now, that is, until isc some
day releases libbind separately.

> I'll be happy to port dnscap if you need a volunteer. However, the FreeBSD
> ports tree is frozen for the next couple weeks while we deal with the xorg
> 7.2 changes, so we have time to sort out the best way to handle it.

there's already a port, i asked the author to take it down since the syntax
of the command was in hourly flux at the time.  and still is, since i'm not
sure whether to #ifdef the -g logic or not, since it requires libbind and
most folks don't seem to want to build bind9 by hand to get libbind.  you see
the circularity, i'm sure.

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