[dns-operations] friday version of dnscap

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Mon May 7 22:51:58 UTC 2007

Michael Sinatra wrote:

> In FreeBSD, the base 6-STABLE system (currently synchronized with 9.3.4) 
> has an /etc/make.conf option WITH_BIND_LIBS.  Setting this option builds 
> libbind and appropriate headers into the base system during a buildworld 
> and allows dnscap to compile and run (although the build process does 
> complain about the lack of isc-config.sh).

Odd ... can you send me logs of that in private mail? I am pretty sure 
that the end result will still be what it should be though, since we 
tested the build and install glue pretty thoroughly.

> I can think of two ways to fix it in /usr/ports: make it a build option 
> for the bind94 port or create a new port, bind94-libs (or 
> bind94-libbind).  The new library/header-only port would probably make 
> things easier from a dependency perspective for dnscap--the dnscap port 
> could check for the presence of the library (either in the base system 
> or from the port) and then build the library/header-only port.

Yeah, that's basically what I had in mind. The ports system already 
has a way to check if a library has been ldconfig'ed regardless of its 



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