[dns-operations] dnscap -> dnspcap, and some notes about ncap

Joao Damas Joao_Damas at isc.org
Mon Aug 20 21:48:43 UTC 2007

On 16 Aug 2007, at 13:24, Paul Vixie wrote:
> to that end, i'm going to rename "dnscap" to "dnspcap".  joao damas  
> has also
> come forward with a litany of suggestions to improve the command  
> line syntax,
> and i was easy to convince since we're still pre-1.0.  so, dnspcap  
> with an
> all new command line syntax should appear here soon, and go to V1.0  
> status
> almost immediately so that we can use it in scripts without  
> wondering if any
> more incompatible changes are coming our way.

And so, this is the new proposed set of command line switches (the  
changes) and we would like to collect any comments people might have  
on them.

-u port : TCP/UDP port to capture traffic on
-p : promiscuous capture
-b : brief, one line per packet output in a close to fixed size format
-s direction
-m opcode (qnr) : query, notify, response
-o output file
-r input file
-a ip address : initiator
-z ip address : responder
-A ip address : initiator NOT this IP address
-Z ip address : responder NOT this IP address


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